Been away from the site for a while been working on completing an ebook on reducing and eliminating your monthly bills.  See the link to the preview.  Coming soon more tips to get FREE business services and products.

Eliminate Bills
No Monthly Fees 07/28/2009
The economy has us all in a pickle these days.  Most of you come to this site to reduce expenses and save a little money for your businesses.   I have decided to put in a recommendation for a new product that I just heard about.  Its not FREE but what it offers is a way to save money on your cable or paid TV and phone bill by offering FREE programming and by using voice of IP technology for your phone.
Its not released to the general public but I heard about it from a friend as they are selling via word of mouth and have not gone public.  Its called AllinOneBox and its a set top box that does all these really cool things and does it for FREE.  If you are interested pop me a note in the comment section and I will pass it along.  One warning you will need to answer a few questions nine to be exact before they let you see the youtube video.  Anyway thought I would pass this along to those struggling with paying those monthly bills.

This is a way to do research on an email address to see if the person
is legitimate or not.  Now, the free part of these services gives you limited
info.  For example sometimes you get the location of the service provider
which tells you nothing.  Also you have to be aware that sometimes people
hide their IP thru proxy services.  So take this one with a grain of salt it may
or may not be of help to you.
then check the ipaddress


This is probably one of the more significant updates Ive had in a long time.  The economy has created many a problem for most of us.  Many of these problems have resulted in the need to consult with or hire an attorney.  Whether it be from a civil lawsuit as a result of running your business in a down economy or because of the economy the inability to pay your taxes.  In any case, this service albeit new is taking advantage of the fact that lawyers are feeling the pain also.  This is good news for you because it means FREE and discount services.  


Thinking about licensing your invention?  This is a free resource where truly legitimate companies are looking for your ideas.  You should apply for a patent prior to contacting a company.  The website has advice on how to go about making contact and is a good resource for patents also.

PayPal? update 03/05/2009

Yes another FREE paypal alternative but this one works exclusively with SMS messages on your cell phone.  They are a company out of the Philippines.  They have been doing online banking with phones for years and might have been the leader in this area.  In any case do a little due diligence before using them like all services on the net, like make sure you can contact them via phone, no bad news about them on the net etc.


Ok we cant give you free airline tickets but I am sure there are specials you can find on the internet that will help you get those freebies when they pop up.  This entry is about using a free site that will help you find the lowest fares available in the market.  Its FREE and is absolutely the best airfare search engine out there right now.


This is the first entry for a tool that can help you manage aspects of your business.  We did not initially plan on putting these type of products on this site, as everyone has their own preferences on what kind of productivity improvements they consider valuable to their business.    Its a great catagory so we will continue to provide information on tools we feel are useful.  This one manages your internet links but in a graphical format that you dictate.


This site allows you to setup internet meetings with your colleges, customers, partners.  If you ever have a need to do more than a voice conference call for example to show a new customer how to use your product or make an announcement about a new line.  This product allows you to connect with up to 20 people for FREE.


If youhave ever looked for music for your website.  You know there are so many issues revolving around copyright usage.  These laws are not easily interpreted by the typical small business person.   We are providing you with a second site that provides FREE music content for your website.  As mentioned earlier you still need to make sure these sites are following the law.  Read terms and conditions to see what your potential liabilty might be and its a good idea to consult a lawyer.


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