Blog Advertising 07/14/2008

 If you have a website for your company you should also create a Blog for it.  Generally Blogs are a way to keep your customers engaged.   Its a central location that you can use to give them information about upcoming events and new product releases.  In some cases your Blog can be used in place of a traditional website where you can market and sell your products directly from it. 

So how do you get them to visit your site without paying for advertising?  Below are two links one with 75 sites and another with about 50.  Each one contains predominately FREE informational links and in most cases you do not have to setup a reciprocal link.  This means no additional links or gadgets cluttering your site.  Also don’t forget we have the over 100 free advertising sites list that you can get for FREE when you sign up for our newsletter on the HOME page.

Our newsletter with the links below will give you more than 200 sites you can use for FREE.  Execution of this list will guarantee you visitors then its up to you to sell them. 

Blog Advertising
Blog Advertising 50 sites


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