There are five sure fire methods you can use to gaurantee traffic to your site for FREE.

1) A great domain name for whats called direct type in traffic.  A good example would be, etc.
2) Search engine optimization to bring people who are searching to your site. This is a rather complicated task but it involves basically three steps;
a) Domain name insertion to the 170 search engines
b) Setup of your key names in your website including, title, keywords and the words used in the written content of your site
c) High value incoming links to your site for example if MSNBCs website was linked to yours.
3) Listings in FREE advertising sites or classifieds like Craigslist and Yuwie
4) User ids in social sites and user group advertising like Myspace, Facebook and Yahoo/MSN Groups.
5) Traffic and link exchanges with other websites

Below are five examples of traffic exchange sites that work.  They have established in a sense a social network of website surfers many of them looking for interesting sites to visit while they surf.  Check them out.



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