Blogs are a good way to spread the word about your product or service virally and the great thing about them is since they are constantly looking for new ideas and stories they are great for free publicity and a word of mouth campaign.  I selected the 20 here because it covers a lot of different subject categories.

1. The Huffington Post huffingtonpost.com2. Boing Boing 3. Techcrunch 4. Kottke 5. Dooce 6. Perezhilton 7. Talking points memo 8. Icanhascheezburger 9. Beppe Grillo 10. Gawker gawker.com11. The Drudge Report drudgereport.com12. Xu Treehugger treehugger.com14. Microsiervos microsiervos.com15. TMZ TMZ.com16. Engadget 17. Marbury marbury.typepad.com18. Chez Pim chezpim.typepad.com19. Basic thinking The Sartorialist


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