For those of you that have offices where your customers sit and wait for services like doctors, lawyers, CPAs etc.  You really need some interesting content to keep your customers entertained.   At this site you can get up to 300 FREE subscriptions for trade professionals.


Hey I know it may sound funny but doctors offices, mechanic shops and others always have some form of entertaiment while their customers wait for their services.  If you have a small business with this requirement magazines are a great way to keep your customer engaged and not focused on time.  Provided here is a small list of magazines covering general categories of interests.

Liz Claiborne "Liz Is" Mag FREE 2 year sub
Free Vacations Magazines
Free 1 year Subscription to Home magazine
Free Subscription to Gardening Magazine
Free - The Sportsman Magazine
Free Hunting Club Magazine and Cookbook
Free Hispanic Magazine Subscriptions


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