Meeting Places 04/09/2008

Setting up meetings when you dont really have an office is always a challenge but in the days of the internet there are always technology solutions like internet video conferencing from companies like webex that offer both phone conferencing and video conferences and of course there are free software based products offered by Microsoft and Open Source systems but sometimes you need that face to face meeting.  This is obviously an issue that requires a local solution and what we have found is not one vendor solves this problem.  What we did find is a combination of incubators and small independent coffee shops. 

Some incubator contacts can be found at one place

Some examples of independently owned coffee shops with FREE meeting rooms.  Try searching on coffee for your city under resteraunts.  Sujus in Fremont CA is an example of a coffee shop with a free meeting room.  Search on COFFEE to get a list in your area. 


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