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01/20/2012 09:04

i am looking for a pro-bono family law attorney. i have a 40 year old child support case. with a court order establised in Los Angelas, CA.
in 1973. i got a modification (which i dont no that it actully dissolved the first court order) done in San Louis Obispo CA in 1985 at witch time my ex owed me 21K . my attorney and i offered my X a deal that if he would start paying five hundred a month till the two children were 18 years old we would drop back pay. well that didnt happen.I have cancer and complete dissabiled.
the grown children haved mental disorders, althought he talks with them on a regular basis he offers them no support mentally or financially. he now ownes millions in property and his wife brings in a healthy amount in money, fostering dissabled children. well now i turn to you or any one to help or addvise me of what my rights are. thank you in advance; LOng Time No MOney!


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