If you have a few clients, dont have a lot of accounting expertise and need to get off the ground quickly this is the site for you.  It allows you to track expenses and generate and manage your invoicing process all for FREE.



Sometimes you need to take a client out for lunch or dinner but you dont have a recommendation or time to call places you know.  Well this next site is perfect for planning your business meetings.  It allows you to do your reservations using your cell phone.   You can find, reserve and select a table in one of the 8500+ restaurants registered with the service.


Paypal? 12/03/2008

A new FREE Paypal type of service has sprung up to help reduce the cost of credit cards and eliminate the cost of sending and receiving money securely online.  They have received $50 million in funding so they should be around for awhile.  As usual its all FREE no transaction fees at the moment.



For those of you that have offices where your customers sit and wait for services like doctors, lawyers, CPAs etc.  You really need some interesting content to keep your customers entertained.   At this site you can get up to 300 FREE subscriptions for trade professionals.  



Business card templates are generally used to save money and are especially helpful when you are just starting out.  No need to spend money on cards to get started with your marketing program.  The site below will give you a variety of designs for FREE all you need to do is print them out. 



In these difficult economic times, its hard to look at the banking industry as an option for your money.  I know this next recommendation may be a little hard to swallow but a member wrote in and suggested it.  Since it was saved recently by a bailout Wamu may leave a bad taste in your mouth but they really have a good service for small business ie FREE checking .  Since all deposits are gauranteed up to $250,000 by the federal government maybe you can give them a try.



Getting free publicity is the best way to generate a word of mouth campaign and the press release is the best tool to accomplish this task.  For many of us, writing a press release is not a labor of love.  This site will help you by giving you a FREE template and some assistance in writing it.  


Website Research 10/09/2008

This category was hard to classify.  We found it helpful to be able to look at websites that are no longer available or previous versions of current website to research changes that have been made to it.  This is helpful if you are deciding to buy a previously owned domain or need to check on a competitor that has been in business for awhile.



Today we have some advice that will help you use our largest FREE resource in America, the Public Library.  Ever wonder how you can use it to get leads for your business?  Well select the subject area that your target market would read.  This requires a little bit of research on your part but well worth it.  Once you have it follow the advice below.

If you borrow books from your local library, use your business card as a book mark.  When you return the book to the library, leave your card inside one of the pages for the next reader to discover.  I have gotten some leads this way, you might too.  Don't leave it sticking out the top of the book because it may be removed before it is reshelved.

Your tax dollars at work!

Grants update 09/25/2008

For its 10 year anniversary Google is giving away $10 million to the best ideas that will change the world.



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