Advertising 06/23/2008

Ok get ready to be overwhelmed by this list.   It contains over 100 FREE places to advertise your business.  No joke it varies from small sites to large ones and IF you decide to signup to each one of these sites you can be assured of a few hundred to a few thousand hits per day just from using these sites.  One catch you site must contain the draw to bring people back for a 2nd or 3rd visit.  Always remember fresh and interested content is the key to a successful website.  In some cases plan to use a lot of elbow grease to keep your ads current.  I am providing subset of the list here because its way to long to post on a blog.  Please signup to the newletter on the front page as I am sending the full list out to subscribers.


Link Trading

Article Submission



Link Directories

Advertising 03/25/2008

This is one of the top subject areas on the net.  When the number one valued company in the world is an advertising company you know this is the main topic for new ventures trying to capitalize on what Google has done for advertising.  There are so many sites in this category there is no way I can cover them all.  Most are FREE and the more popular ones , Myspace, Craigslist, Facebook etc. are great tools for advertsing.  My suggestion is to use as many as you have time to as in some cases you may only get a few customers to respond in others cases you will get hundreds to thousands of respondents.  Here are a few of the lesser known sites which can help your overall campaign.  Be warned use a advertising email id and dont give our personal information until you are comfortable with the provider. 

One last note, before embarking on free ad sites remember they are in the business of advertising so keep your protection software up to date.  Some good ones to install are; adware, spybot, avg antivirus all available for free at


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