The economy has us all in a pickle these days.  Most of you come to this site to reduce expenses and save a little money for your businesses.   I have decided to put in a recommendation for a new product that I just heard about.  Its not FREE but what it offers is a way to save money on your cable or paid TV and phone bill by offering FREE programming and by using voice of IP technology for your phone.
Its not released to the general public but I heard about it from a friend as they are selling via word of mouth and have not gone public.  Its called AllinOneBox and its a set top box that does all these really cool things and does it for FREE.  If you are interested pop me a note in the comment section and I will pass it along.  One warning you will need to answer a few questions nine to be exact before they let you see the youtube video.  Anyway thought I would pass this along to those struggling with paying those monthly bills.


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